Overnight oats are a cold version of oatmeal. Keep oats in the fridge overnight and enjoy in the morning. Easy, healthy, trendy and filling. Use your creativity and test different combinations!

Ingredients you need to succeed:

1 dl oats
1 dl liquid of choice
(milk, oat milk, juices, water…)
1 dl pulp (yogurt, curd, mashed banana…)
Add some flavor (berries, fruits, seeds, nuts, vanilja, avocado…)

Apple overnight oats

We got this recipe from our follower Teemu L.

3/4 dl Elovena Organic Oats

1 dl oat milk

1/2 jar curd yogurt

1/2 dl unsweetened apple sauce

Mix ingredients together in a bowl and put the blend in the fridge overnight. Enjoy in the morning. Style your oatmeal with apple slices and flakes.

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