Here at Oatlet we talk a lot about the health and nutritional benefits in Oats but did you know that, in addition to this, oat crops are the most ecological in the world?

The production of plant-based food consumes less natural resources, such at water, per kilo than animal produced foods. Increases in the quantity of cows and calf on a farm means an increase in the amount of field area needed to produce room for the animals, resulting in many carbon-dioxide producing forests being cut down in order to produce this needed space. In addition to this, bovine animals produce high levels of greenhouse gas methane, which has been found to accelerate global warming. 

Oats prove to be a more nature-friendly crop because of its ability to bind nitrogen. Nitrogen is used as a fertiliser in agriculture, but by adding too much nitrogen to the environment it can end up in waterways. Too much nitrogen in the waterways can cause an overstimulation of aquatic plants leading to things like, clogged waterways and the blocking of sunlight to lower bodies of water. By choosing nitrogen-binding crops, the amount of nitrogen in the ecosystems can be effectively reduced. Overall, oats have a positive impact on the well-being to the environment and favouring oats in a vegetarian-based diet can be just as good for your health. 


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